In her new self-help book author Robin Banks urges future parents to prepare for parenthood before the sperm-egg collision, an event that, as veteran parents know, catapults, unsuspecting, would-be parents into a dramatic lifestyle change. The relative calm of a pre-baby existence vanishes like a perp at a crime scene. In view of that reality, 
Banks shares her weathered wisdom of twenty-five years of child rearing experience so future parents, and new parents too, can have an easier life, one that reduces the stress and frustration that often push parents to their knees, either in prayer or apoplexy.
You don't want to miss this humorous, no frills reality check if you're thinking about having children or if you already have them. Are you ready to get a grip on parenthood? If so, this is the one book that provides would-be parents a head start and new parents, who overlooked early preparation, a jump-start.